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Event by Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster

10 June 2024 - 12 June 2024

Data Science for Planetary and Human Health - The True Life Cycle of Multi-omics Data

This conference aims to create a bridge between different disciplines and highlight versatile technologies, methods and algorithms presented by renowned researchers across academia and industry. The main topics encompass the full life cycle of research data including Data Management and Infrastructure, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, and Data Communication. The conference will provide a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences in the field of FAIR data management and data science and will foster collaborations across disciplines.

Here you can find the 38 live drawings for the speakers. 

The talks are represented in order.

Live tweeted from the Science Cluster account.

If you recognise yourself in the drawing...

you are welcome to write me for a better pdf file version! :) 

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